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Made a Mistake On Your Tax Return? Here’s What To Do.

  Tax returns can be complicated and tricky to understand. Even for a professional, it can be surprisingly difficult to get every number and detail right .   Often, you only notice the mistakes when you take a casual look at your return days after you submit it online or drop it in the mailbox. Or worse, the IRS sends you a letter telling you something is off.   So i s there anything that you can do after your return is in?   Actually, there's a lot that you can do. But if you don’t know where to start, it’s best to leave it to a professional. Our tax resolution specialists can navigate the IRS maze so that you have nothing to worry about. We help people who owe back taxes or have back tax debt. Call us today for a free consultation at (470) 305-1233, or visit us online at!   3 Major Types Of Mistakes There are many red flags the IRS looks for on each tax return, but here are 3 common ones taxpayers make.   1: Not reporting all your in