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I’m In Tax Trouble, What Are My Options?

I’m In Tax Trouble, What Are My Options? A letter from the IRS is rarely a good thing. One of the worst missives to get from the tax man is the CP90 – Final Notice Before Levy . It is a final warning shot to scare you into paying up and should not be ignored. After an IRS final notice, you could: ●        Pay in full - but if you could afford to do that, you probably already would have done so. ●        Sign on for an installment agreement on your own, with penalties and interest so excessive it will never end. ●        Ignore them and wait for terrible consequences like garnished wages and tax liens. Don’t do this, ever. ●        Contact your tax resolution professional to see what your resolution options are. The CP90 intends to intimidate you into calling so the IRS can take as much as possible from you even if it leaves you in dire financial straits, unable to pay your bills or support your family. A better option is to work with a certified tax resolution