New Website Coming Soon!

I am very excited about our soon-to-be-introduced website,! It should be up and running on June 20th, 2015.  Our goal is to provide quality tax preparation for both businesses and individuals as we always have, but we are very excited about introducing a new service:  Representing clients before the IRS, or Tax Resolution Services!  This new service will be prominent in our complete service offering at Leonard G. Nelms, CPA, P.C.

I talk to so many people that are just completely intimidated by the IRS.  Don't be that person!  This blog will be dedicated to helping you understand your options if you have a tax debt problem, and to providing tips for dealing with the IRS.  However, if your situation warrants professional help to resolve the issue(s), we would love the opportunity to discuss how we might work for a good outcome for you - whether individual or business.  We offer a free consultation, and will clearly explain your options - we will work together! 

Visit our new website,, and request a free consultation either in person or by phone.  We look forward to serving you!


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